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Premium English brand Lapis Bard’s new Watch and Accessory Case is the perfect answer to the contemporary man’s need to marry style with sophistication

Published 5 years ago on Feb 02, 2019 2 minutes Read

Founded in the year 2012 in the UK, Lapis Bard began its journey when a group of former executives of a well-known English brand, with a shared passion for fine writing instruments, came together. They decided to produce fine men’s accessories such as pens and leather products using the finest of raw material and skills, not limited to their own workshops, but from those across the world. The dream became a reality when they received funding from British investors and the company soon started manufacturing a fine range of writing instruments and leather accessories, focused on design, craftsmanship, and quality. 

The brand is known to never settle for anything less than perfection. From the best metal to the finest resin, Lapis Bard makes sure that the loyalty of their precious customers never fades. It takes tiring hours for the artisans to finish one impeccable writing instrument. 

Lapis Bard started their expedition with their exclusive writing instrument and then later explored categories of leather goods, belts, cuff-links, key rings, grooming essentials, inks and refills — in short, everything to do with men’s accessories. 

Fine design

The premium English brand has now come up with a Watch and Accessory case, designed especially for the man who loves his accessories. The aristocratic design of this case has been crafted to reflect the lifestyle and sensibility of those who value their coveted timepieces and accessories.

Crafted from natural wood, with soft suede interiors, a high-gloss piano finish and glass window, the Lapis Bard Watch and Accessory case is the perfect organiser. It features two tiers — the top-tier with a glass window that can house up to eight watches, and the bottom tier — a drawer that can accommodate other accessories such as pen, tie, tie-pin, cuff links, etc. The Lapis Bard emblem on the surface adds finesse to the case. Attractively priced at Rs.13,995, the watch and accessory case makes a perfect gifting option and a stylish companion for the man of today.