The Good Life

Serve it right

Premium home décor labels Good Earth, Nicobar and Casa Paradox are the perfect accompaniments for your next dinner party

There are some who eat to live and then there are others who live to eat. Regardless of which motto you follow, the allure of the fare consumed is enhanced by the dinnerware it’s presented in. Be it a scrumptious dinner affair celebrating an occasion or a regular family meal that calls for simplicity, yet elegance in tableware, there are three Indian brands that can serve up whatever you need.

Known for imbibing India’s traditional heritage in its sustainable luxury wares is brand Good Earth. The two-decade old brand has created some of its best collections using simple, relatable and iconic Indian motifs in vibrant and appealing colour palettes. One of its signature tableware collection is called Periyar, inspired by its namesake magical lake in Kerala. Entwined palms and striding elephants recreat the charm of Kerala’s shores on fine bone china cups, bowls, plates and katoris. “We wanted people to be proud of owning a luxurious item that had a distinct Indian design expression, and through the years we’ve been able to build a certain design philosophy that our customers can relate with,” describes Anita Lal, founder and creative director, Good Earth. You can own a complete set from its Indus and Indechine collection for just ₹2 lakh.

Next on the list is an offshoot of the above label, however, Nicobar reinvents the Indian tradition with a healthy dose of contemporary designs. The Indie label boasts of a crockery collection that merges minimalism with sophistication. “We wanted to create a contemporary brand that reflected the subtle changes we see around us today: a reflection of the modern Indian way of living, dressing and looking at the world. A world where good design is not just for special occasions but part of everyday life,” says Arya Nerker, head of design (Home), Nicobar. Some of its signature collections include the Malabar serveware, Aguada or Celadon tableware and it also produces interesting variations of the traditional Indian thali. Take your pick from the stylish stoneware in the Aguada collection or a combination of floral and geometric patterns that range between ₹500 to ₹6,800 per piece.

If you’re looking for something that goes well with your luxury interiors then look no further. Casa Paradox might have a crockery set that would appeal to your taste. Vibrant and colourful the Indian motif finds its way on tableware that comes with a price tag of ₹2,000 per item. “We are a one-of-a-kind retail concept store presenting a range of limited edition pieces catering to our target audience. Our main focus is on design innovations,” says, Raseel Gujral Ansal, founder, Casa Paradox. 

So before you put together that menu for your next dinner party, you might want to have your serveware in place. After all, food that looks good, tastes even better.