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Quilted Comfort

Luxurious bed linens that will add much-needed warmth to your room

Sarita Handa

We all want our room to look comfortable, perhaps we are always looking for ways to add warmth to it. From little things like lamp kept on the side table to the bed linens, room décor is our only key. And to sleep in comfort, the paramount for all of us is our bed and the quilts.

The price for this comfort starts at a few thousands and goes up to a few lakh. Sarita Handa from Sarita Handa Company, who is known for the variety of bed linens, says that their quilts are one of their bestselling features. Quilted bedspreads with cotton filling, non-quilted bedspread with duvet openings and lightweight voile coverlets are some of the varieties one can find only at Sarita Handa. It has a signature quilt collection which costs around Rs.30,000. The quilt is made by surface treatment techniques like prints, embroidery, solid colours and quilting patterns that make the final product a work of art.

Competing with Sarita Handa are three international brands that are trying to set their mark in India. Frette, a brand from Milan, which sells only luxury bed and bath linens, also has a huge variety of quilts in its boutiques worldwide. Quilts here start at a range of Rs.30,000 and go as high as you can see. Frette's bespoke services have attracted clients from noble dynasties of Europe to the most luxurious resorts in the world.

Fendi Casa, a popular name in home decor boasts of a wide range of quilt collection. One of its high selling features is the quilt cover. These quilt covers are known to change the face of any quilt that you want to bring to life. Made of cotton and polyester, these duvet covers cost between Rs.100,000 to Rs.200,000.

Ralph Lauren Home, on the other hand, has a duvet collection priced at $3,000. Seetu Kohli, from Seetu Kohli Concepts who keeps a wide range of duvets and covers from the most reputed home decor brands across the globe says, "The covers cost Rs.45,000 and go as high as Rs.90,000. The theme styled linen is usually in demand." With these bed linens making their way into the luxury market in India, now it is time for you to pave the path for them in your homes.