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Plush and cozy

Homegrown luxury furniture brands are here to help you with the buying decision

There is immense joy in doing up a house, even more if buying the house culminated in ticking an item off your must-do list. An important part is filling it with furniture that looks elegant but is comfortable to use. And to help deal with this constant fight between form and function, there are many high-end furniture designers. 

Saibaan in Delhi offers contemporary furniture with a classical touch. The owner, Shaila Sood, along with her husband created custom-made furniture for individual clients in the past. In 2010, they decided to expand and opened up a brick-and-mortar store in Lado Sarai in New Delhi. Sood says, “Luxury is something that is meant to create an environment of beauty. So, any piece of furniture that we build is a conscious effort to build that environment in people’s homes while maintaining their identity.”

Designers at Saibaan say that architecture and interior design are both art. It is the combination of varied materials that helps them combine Indian classical styles along with modern furniture needs. They add, “For example, we use precious stones, metal and wood to be able to get the look that we want. While most may think that is just a mash of expensive stuff, it’s our design that combines aesthetics.” While the designs remain plush and combines class, they can be readily customised.

Alchemy DeLuxe, owned by Delhi-based Poonam Gupta deals with silverware, furniture and tableware. Gupta says, “Our furniture is based on clean lines, combining Mughal motifs in the design.” Using multiple elements such as precious and semi-precious stones, silver, other metals and wood, she manages to complete the look that is desired by her customers. While a chair combining these elements in a living room would start at ₹50,000, a 4 feet x 4 feet table combining Mughal designs with geometric shapes would start at ₹2 lakh. Besides this, other customisable designs are available on request.

How are these sellers and designers adapting to a growing luxury market in India? Designers at Saibaan say, “While we anticipate more of an art deco movement around the world, what is making a return in India is minimalist design with a classical interpretation or very typically Indian elements in them. It could be a simple sofa with a centre table in the room and a couple of chairs. But, the chairs might be the stars with metallic embellishments without looking out of place in the room.”

Gupta says, “The luxury furniture market is only picking up right now in India. What is even more refreshing to know is that the potential customer is young and well-travelled and having been exposed to contemporary design, knows what s/he requires from the designer. They’re open to ideas and appreciate handiwork when they see it and that always helps.”