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Scented candles for your home that will whisk you away

Your home is what you make it, and that includes warm, cosy scents that resemble you. And these scented candles are just what one needs to take you on a sensual treat around your home. 

Diptyque candles are celeb and royal favourites (as used in Price Harry and Meghan Markle's wedding), and soon will be yours too. Starting from around Rs.3,500 for a candle that weighs 70 gms, the most expensive of candles in their collection go up to Rs.25,000. The fruity and floral fragrances are said to leave a lasting touch to the room that they are lit in. This luxury brand from Paris has, however, kept its availability quite limited in India. Ranjan Bera, manager of Moon River Store in Delhi, the only retailer of Diptyque candles in India, says "Diptyque releases just one collection every year for India. So we keep our sales very limited. We do not entertain customisations and we prefer not to do sales in office spaces as well." The home sector is their biggest market in India. Diptyque also sells on Amazon India. However, Bera argues that Amazon doesn't offer the variety that they have in the stores. He says, "We have 70-80 types of scented candles available in the store."

Jo Malone, a British brand of candles and perfumes, has made its way into Indian hearts after adding a charm at celebrity weddings such as Sonam Kapoor's and Mukesh Ambani's son. The price of these candles can be anywhere between Rs.2,600 to Rs.28,000, depending on the size. "Natural ingredients are hand-blended, hand-finished and hand-wrapped to get the perfect set of candles. We do not use machines as that doesn't give it a personal touch." says Sana Qureshi, stylist at Jo Malone, India. She then goes on to say that these candles consist of four wicks and can even burn upto 250 hours. This not just makes these candles a favourite at weddings but also the ultimate choice for a gift and home decor. Their fragrances are related to nature and  make a cut with their clients who are looking for an exotic experience.

For nature lovers, a niche brand in India, Niana, specialises in making candles and boasts about it bespoke collection. These candles are made of 100% natural soy wax and are known for their quality of clean burning. Nisheeta Labroo, partner at Niana Candles says, "We use synthetic oils that are infused with natural oils. Our wax and fragrances are imported. The fragrances are inspired by nature. They include mogra, honeysuckle jasmine, mandarin-lime and bamboo." Niana candles has an exclusive clientele list that includes Kama Ayurveda and Ananda Spa. By extending the sales to spas, Niana has made its way into areas other than home decor, weddings and gifts. It's time to look no further for your home sweet home.