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Crest Horology caters to the high-end international watch brand connoisseur

Crest Horology has spent over a decade creating awareness for independent watch brands but distributor Sacheen Ramchandani didn't enjoy selling watches at first. He says, “We had a family business and it didn't intrigue me first at all.” But, as the luxury market in India started opening up,  Ramchandani found potential buyers for high-end international watch brands that people needed to be introduced to. While he was well versed with the buyers of the Versaces and the Frank Mullers of the world, he wanted to cater to those with more exclusive tastes. That is how Crest Horology was born.

Ramchandani spent a few years doing his research and finding brands that he would be able to customise for his customers. He says, “I visit Baselworld every year with my team to do our research. Besides this, we also have our own watch show that we host annually around Diwali called Icons of Time.” Having held three editions of the same, Crest Horology currently boasts of brands such as Hautlence, Manufacture Royale, DeBethune, DeLaneau, Devon, Louis Moinet, Franc Villa and the likes.

Their most popular watches happen to come from the American line, Devon, which sell for $12,500. Recently, Devon has assigned a 500-piece-only limited edition Stars Wars line of watches in India. However, due to Ramchandani’s love for exclusivity and fine watchmaking, he also works closely with niche brands such as Vianney Halter and Kari Voutilainen, two master watchmakers that boast of producing 15-50 masterpieces annually.

While the luxury market is now booming, Ramchandani's idea was to introduce India to brands that are not as popular but equally creative and innovative. He says, “I realised that the luxury market was a lot of people following a certain trend. It takes time to change that mindset and that is what I aim to do. He goes on to talk more about his client base, “The last 10 years have made a difference in the way people view luxury brands. We cater to people who know what they want to order. Now, everyone wants to interact and know more about the latest independent luxury brands that would be exclusive only to them.”