The Good Life

Five-Star Treatment

Recovering from an illness can be done in sinful indulgence; head to Fortis Memorial and Aster Medcity, two of the most luxurious hospitals in India

What comes to mind when you think of a hospital? White sheets, harsh smell of antiseptics and a no-nonsense staff? Now, a few hospitals such as Fortis Memorial Research Institute (FMRI) in Gurugram and Aster Medcity in Kochi are redefining this experience. When you visit one of these, luxury and opulence are what greet you.  

Endeavouring to be the 'Mecca of Healthcare', FMRI definitely tops the list of the most luxurious hospitals in the country. Spread across an 11-acre campus, it has over 1,000 beds, expensive art, lounges to relax in, food courts, cafes, playground for children and a wellness centre that will put many a five-star hotel to shame. 

As you enter the spacious lobby that has a giant sculpture of a child with stethoscopes and a dancing fountain, you are washed in the natural light falling through the glass ceiling. "The idea was to make the hospital calming and soothing for all those who come in," says Ritu Garg, zonal director at FMRI. 

The 14 suites on the Signature Floor – Presidential and Maharaja – are where the uber rich can heal in style, and the suite rate alone can cost over Rs.100,000 a day. From the luxury of completing formalities swiftly in the room to letting your entire entourage spend nights in the 2-3 BHK suites, the hospital does not leave a stone unturned in ensuring that your comfort comes first. In fact, there is a team of at least six people at your beck and call, including a butler and a personal chef! Garg adds, "When a patient is admitted, it is a stressful time for their loved ones. We offer complete handholding to deliver the best care."

Now, if you want to recuperate taking in the breathtaking views of Kerala's backwaters, then Aster Medcity in Kochi is the perfect choice. With a promise to "Treat you well", the institution is set in a 40-acre waterfront campus with 670 beds. Dr Harish Pillai, CEO, Aster Medcity says, “The primary idea was to offer top-of-the-line quaternary care services in an environment that would be conducive to the healing process.”

Every room in the multi-specialty hospital is spacious, aesthetically designed and well lit, with large windows. Dr Pillai adds, “All the ICUs have access to natural light, and the interior design colour and hues reflect the naturescape in Kerala.” The most luxurious room in the hospital is the Presidential Suite located on the sixth floor with a separate sitting room, dining area and mini kitchen. But if you decide to revel in the glory of the lush suite, it will set you back by over Rs. 30,000 a day. That does not include the treatment costs, but does come with concierge service, pick-up and drop, access to the lounge, cafe and wellness centre. According to Dr Pillai, “Patients can expect highly personalised services on par with the best centres in the world.”

When talking about luxury in hospitals, one cannot forget Indraprastha Apollo in Delhi either. Its Platinum Lounge rooms provide patients with exclusive personalised care and complete privacy in a state-of-the art modern facility. Suites in most Apollo Hospitals can cost over Rs.30,000 per night. 

So, the next time you feel under the weather, you know where you can get treated like a royal and be pampered like a newborn.