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Beat the heat

Outshine the sun with these spectacuarly glamourous sunglasses

Photo: Lindberg

Weather in India is synonomous with heat. Irrespective of the season, our weeks are interspersed with incredibly warm and blistery days that melt roads and leave you looking for cover from the irrepressible sun. It so happens that now, you can not only take refuge from the angry sun, but also make a style statement fit for the ramp with these luxury sunglasses.

High-end sunglass brands create an ostentatious package by amalgamating function with exquisite design. Lindberg’s Precious Collection has taken luxury a step ahead by embedding world class technology on natural materials thus, bringing the best of both worlds together. The frames start with a base price of Rs. 1.45 lakh and go up to to Rs. 3 lakh depending on the scale of customisation. Lindberg’s designs are all crafted by hand from 18-carat solid gold and pure platinum and can be customised with pink, white or black diamonds.

Talking about the brand, Peter Warrer, director, sales and marketing, Lindberg says, “Lindberg’s ‘Precious Sunglasses’ design DNA is rooted in classic Danish minimalism. Our unique touch lies in the restraint with which we craft precious materials for superlative subtlety. We combine fashion and function.” The sunglasses boast of a combination of ultra-thin front with adjustable nose-bridge, temples and hinges that are exclusively hand-made for the perfect fit. What’s more? The temples are crafted from gold, platinum or natural buffalo horns, using a distinct colour and design that have suited the likes of Hollywood superstars like Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt, adds Warrer.

Behind the shades

If Lindberg is for the fashionista, then Ray Ban is for the elite utilitarian. Owning a pair of shades from their Solid Gold collection makes one exceptionally unique as only 200 pieces have been distributed globally. Out of these, only 4 are available in India at Sunglass Hut, a supplier of exclusive sunglasses, at a price of Rs. 2.1 lakh. Explaining its exclusivity, Siddharth Shreedhar, AGM, Sunglass Hut says, “The frame features a premium frontal design in 18-carat of solid gold with polarized G-15 crystal lenses, for a ‘360 degree anti-glare protection’. The lenses not only provide unsurpassed protection from direct rays of the sun, they also block the blinding glare that bounces off horizontal surfaces, allowing better vision and reduced eyestrain.” With a unique serial number engraved on the insides of the temple, a gold hallmark engraved on the bottom of the nose-bridge and a handmade genuine leather hand case, these shades redefine opulence.

With built-in UV protection, Bottega Veneta’s navy blue round shades are for the fashionable nerd. The sunglasses’ unique grey lens held by its blue translucent arms adds a geeky touch to the brand’s ‘Glam Girl’ insignia. Priced at Rs. 53,450, the cat-eye rimmed frame conjures an aura of drama that will liven up any look. “Wearing Bottega Veneta gives a powerful feeling of uniqueness, timelessness, and the necessary grandeur that serves the needs of niche or high-end consumers,” says Tanu Jain, boutique facilitator and marketing manager of Darveys India, an online portal that sells Bottega Veneta sunglasses.

Heading out in the sun? Not without these sunglasses.