C'est la vie

Sameer Gandhi

Omron Automation India’s MD loves ghar ka khana and reading and rereading stories of human evolution

Published 4 years ago on Mar 15, 2019 2 minutes Read
Pratibha Dixit

I love reading. I can’t travel without a book. I am currently reading Sapiens. I mostly prefer non-fiction, autobiographies and historicals. Born to run by Christopher McDougall and What on earth happened by Christopher Lloyd are two of my favourites. I keep rereading the latter. It is a very thoughtful explanation of the entire history of the world and evolution.

I love watching both Hollywood and Bollywood films, and my preferred genres are comedy, action and drama. My favourite movie is Kung Fu Panda. It’s a great movie and I love how it shows that If you are motivated and driven, even a panda can become a dragon warrior.

I am not much into watching sports but I love running, at least three to four times a week and do pranayam. Even when I am travelling I carry my sport shoes along.

My comfort food is home-cooked food. I love aloo-gobi and daal, and I am a roti person. I can eat it seven days a week. But I do love to trying new cuisines wherever I travel.

All-time favourite travel destination is Goa. And also, Leh and Ladakh, where I love camping. Once, we were driving from Manali to Leh and we had to stop overnight at the roadside. In the night, when we looked at the sky, we saw the Milky Way with our naked eyes and the scene was breathtaking.