Pursuit of Happiness

Sip and Play

Bisleri chairman Ramesh Chauhan's evening routine is incomplete without a game of tennis

Ramesh Chauhan’s college days are something most students can relate to: being forced to participate in sports. Chauhan was then studying at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), and he opted to play squash, table tennis and tennis to abide by the rules of the institution. However, mastering tennis was not something that he had thought of back then. “Playing tennis at MIT led to my natural inclination towards the sport and I started playing consistently,” says the chairman and managing director of Bisleri.

There has been no looking back since. Even with a tight schedule, Chauhan manages to play tennis every day. “I’ve had a natural flair since my prime years and making time for the sport seemed like the right thing to do,” he says. He has a strict routine that allows him to make time for one game every day at the club. He is an early riser and starts his day at 8 a.m. He manages to finish his meetings at the office by 1 p.m., so that he can play tennis with his friends, after an evening cup of tea. “I have been following this routine for quite some time now. I believe a strict diet and tennis is the ideal way to keep me fit in the long run,” he adds. Post his game of tennis, he eats a light dinner and goes to sleep by 10 p.m.

Though Chauhan isn't really keen on playing competitively, he plays at the club every day and prefers playing more casually with his friends. But, he has played with former tennis player, Nirupama Mankad. It is easily one of his fondest memory which he says he will remember always. “It was an honour to play with her,” he recalls.

Tennis has not only kept him active all these years but also helped Chauhan with business. And for RJC, as he is fondly called by his teammates, the recipe to stay focused is a game of tennis.