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Vishal Kamat

Why the chief executive officer of Kamat Hotels believes Bali is the ideal holiday destination

Published 6 years ago on Apr 15, 2018 1 minute Read

I read a lot of fiction and motivational books. My favorites are Start With Why by Simon Sinek, Arthur Hailey's novels such as WheelsAirport and Hotel. I also enjoy reading the Mahabharata for its sense of realism.

Forrest Gump, Shawshank Redemption, and The Prestige are on my must-watch list. I also found the web series House of Cards and Game of Thrones fascinating. 

Swimming is part of my fitness routine though I don't do it regularly. I'm not a huge fan of cricket but I always make time for watching a match with my dad. 

There are a few non-vegetarian preparations from the Northeastern fare that I like. Apart from that a plate of idli-sambar is always relished and so is traditional Goud Saraswat seafood.

If you ever ask me where I'd wanna go for a holiday, the answer will always be Bali. It offers both luxury as well as value for money and is a place where, both couples and families feel at home. I also love London for its potpourri of history, modernity and rich culture.