My Favourite

Sindhu Gangadharan

SAP Labs India’s senior VP and MD is a complete foodie who also enjoys street art tourism

Published 3 years ago on May 07, 2021 1 minute Read

I love reading books across various genres. One of my favourites is Viktor E Frankl’s Man’s Search For Meaning. This book poignantly captures the immense power of positivity. The author explains how, with a positive outlook, he overcomes his bitterness, disillusionment and inhumane treatment in captivity. It is a deeply moving book.

For me, engaging in sports is essential to staying fit. In the gym, I prefer cardio and strength training. I like jogging when on interesting trails. These days, I am also leaning more towards yoga and meditation, as they are convenient to practice even when travelling for work.

It is almost impossible for a foodie like me to pick a favourite cuisine. I enjoy everything from a perfectly done bratwurst to a fully loaded South Indian thali, or even a spaghetti bolognese to a steaming hot plate of masala puri. I also enjoy a bowl of green salad if served with some foie grass. My favourite restaurant has to be Joe’s Shanghai, a cute little place in New York, known for its perfect soup dumplings.

Beer is my go-to drink. It is refreshing. A chilled Paulaner Dunkel (dark beer) on a Friday evening is the best way to start the weekend. Dark beers are not that common in Bengaluru; however, I like the variety of craft beers the city offers.

Lake Como in Northern Italy’s Lombardy region tops the list of my favourite travel destinations. I love its dramatic scenery, which offers serenity at the same time. During my stay in Germany, I was most fascinated by the city’s street art. I admire the incredible artists who convey thought-provoking messages through their art. But an ideal getaway destination would be Udupi, a town that offers endless tranquillity.