My Favourite

Saurabh Varma

The CEO of Leo Burnett, South Asia, on his favourite book series

Published 8 years ago on Nov 11, 2016 1 minute Read

The fourteen volume series, The Wheel of Time, by Robert Jordon and Brandon Sanderson is a masterpiece. It details the journey of the three protagonists in the backdrop of an intricate narration. You can live many lives through the books.

Frank Darabont’s The Shawshank Redemption is a perfect blend of never giving up, friendship and revenge. Who would not love a movie with a story of a man who takes 19 years to dig a tunnel using a rock hammer?

I relish Taiwanese cuisine. The delicious dim sums from Din Tai Fung are a real weakness.

Singapore has its own version of sugarcane juice that blends with it lime and sour plum. The drink perfectly balances a sweet and sour taste.

Whenever I travel to Cannes, I find inspiration and understand how technology, media and ideas can come together to create magic.