My Favourite

Sanjiv Bhasin

GM and CEO of DBS Bank about his favourite game, Golf, and more

I like to play golf because it is a game where you compete with yourself. I have been playing golf since 1984, 29 years now, but my handicap is still very high, at 18. 

I particularly like Indian cuisine. I think it offers a wide variety of food and regional flavours make the same dish taste very different. For me, home-cooked food is the best — my favourite dish is the mutton curry my wife prepares. 

I learnt a lot from the autobiography of Steve Jobs. It taught me the behavioural traits of a successful leader who places customers at the core of his business to build a sustainable competitive advantage by innovating products and services to meet changing customer needs. 

One film I can watch again and again is Top Gun and not just for entertainment. The film carries a strong message as well, saying that if objectives are pursued with passion, they will be achieved. Merely setting a goal and having the means to achieve it does not guarantee success. The movie teaches that one needs to pursue the same with passion to achieve results. 

More than international travel, I like to visit places within India. The ultimate family holiday destination, to me, is Kashmir. It is one of the few places in the world that retains its beauty despite having gone through so much unrest.