My Favourite

Sanjay Bhutani

The managing director of Bausch and Lomb India on his favourite Bollywood star

Published 8 years ago on Nov 05, 2016 1 minute Read

Autobiography of a Yogi by Paramahansa Yogananda has sincere and scientific explanations of certain yogic laws, which makes it an interesting read. The book has stayed with me for its ability to satiate the quest for ultimate truth in an era dominated by religious and spiritual gurus.

The movie 127 hours is a gut-wrenching thriller. The way the protagonist’s struggle to survive in physically challenging situations is portrayed, makes it inspirational. I am a big Aamir Khan fan and 3 Idiots has been another favourite for its brilliant acting, direction, comic timing and the portrayal of an important social issue.

I like to savour Chinese and Thai cuisine. The perfect blend of vegetables coupled with a variety of herbs and the tinge of condiments makes it rich in flavour and a luxury to the palate. 

Long Island Iced tea is what I crave after a long, hectic day at work. But, I prefer to relish a moderate version of the drink that favours taste over its potency. I also find a glass of well-prepared lemonade soothing and refreshing. 

Italy is a unique destination known for its rich historical background. All the cities — Rome, Venice, Vatican City, Blue Grotto of Capri, Milan, Pisa have a rich cultural history blended in them. I also like going to San Francisco.