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Salil Kapoor

The HOOQ India managing director meditates to stay fit

Published 9 years ago on Jan 02, 2016 2 minutes Read
Vishal Koul

My favourite movies are Moneyball and Jerry Maguire. Both are about having a belief in your ideas and creating something truly disruptive. Besides this, I also love the Francis Ford Coppola classic The Godfather.

Malcolm Gladwell’s books such as Tipping Point and Outliers are inspirational and I have gifted them to my friends and colleagues. Another book which has helped me gain a new business perspective is Zero to One by Peter Thiel and Blake Masters.

I relish oriental cuisines such as Chinese and Japanese over anything else. Their seafood dishes are unbeatable.

I currently practice a routine that involves meditation, yoga and running which helps align the mind and body. I enjoy playing squash as it is an aggressive game. I also like to watch football and cricket. I support India when it comes to cricket, and Manchester United and Real Madrid in football.

In India, I love visiting Kasauli and do so pretty often. I like the laidback and serene atmosphere there. Abroad, the New England area on the East Coast of USA is a favourite as I enjoy the greenery there. It’s quite beautiful.