My Favourite

Rajat Khurana

Asics India’s managing director likes the rush from constant movement, in storylines and in life

Published 5 years ago on May 05, 2019 1 minute Read

I am more into fiction. My all-time favourite book is The Testament by John Grisham. What I liked about the book was it’s constant movement from one person to the next — with a new plot.

I am a Punjabi so I end up listening a lot to Waheguru Simrans. They are soothing and I listen to them even during my runs. Apart from that I like listening to rock music occasionally.

I love watching sports movies but I am more of a Netflix guy during weekends. Among Hindi films, I loved Bhaag Milkha Bhaag. I have watched it more than 25 times. Just how the protagonist, despite being injured, decided to run was an inspiring scene for me. Another favourite would be Free To Run.

I am into running. I run 11 km every morning four times a week and, on Saturdays, participate in half marathons, which are usually 21 km long. Last summer, I took up the challenge of covering 52 half marathons in 52 weeks. By now, I have done 31 of them.

I am a huge fan of single malt whiskies! Its aroma and the taste is uncomparable. I have tasted more than 50 varieties from across the globe. On regular days, being a fitness enthusiast I stick to drinking 3-4 litres of detox water daily.