My Favourite

Rahul Agarwal

When not strategising to make Lenovo India a competitive force in the market, its CEO and MD, works out with a game of table tennis

Published 5 years ago on Jul 07, 2019 1 minute Read

I prefer reading philosophical and self-improvement books that talk about the psychology of the human mind. In any field of work, it is quite crucial to understand human behaviour. The Art of Thinking Clearly and The Speed of Trust are two of my favourite books.

Movies introduce you the many cultures around the world. I like watching those that are inspired from real life; Inglorious Bastards is one of my favourites. Andaz Apna Apna is an all-time classic comedy that I find entertaining.

I stay updated with what goes on in the cricket and tennis worlds by following tournaments such as the Grand Slams, ICC World Cup, T20 World Cup and IPL matches. As a hobby, I love to sweat it out through a session of table tennis over the weekends and during holidays.

Among Indian cuisines, I enjoy Mughlai — it is the perfect amalgamation of aroma and rich flavours. I also absolutely enjoy Japanese food and appreciate the intricacy with which every dish is prepared.

My all-time favourite travel destination is Singapore as it is one of the most well-maintained cities, and it is easy to get around. Another destination I am partial to is Istanbul for its diverse blend of eastern and western cultures.