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Prashant Pitti

The ED and CTO of EaseMyTrip is smitten by Scotland — its mountains and its drinks

Published 5 years ago on Nov 02, 2019 2 minutes Read

Christopher Nolan is my all-time favourite director and Interstellar is one of the best movies I’ve watched. The way he imagined a four-dimensional world in the film and transformed into an art fit for the screen was eye opening for me. I’m really looking forward to his upcoming movie Tenet.

I don’t follow sports religiously, but I do visit the gym. I have been following a rigorous intermittent fasting regime for over a year now, wherein I only consume small meals in the six-hour window between 3 pm and 9 pm. It makes your mind more alert and sharp, and of course, also helps you shed some weight.

I’m very fond of Mexican and Thai food because both the cuisines add a variety of spices in their dishes and I love that. Besides, these also offer a lot of vegetarian options for people like me.

I like smoky whiskies. I’ve recently developed an interest in Highland scotches, especially the ones that have an earthen and smoky flavour.

In India, I definitely find the beauty of Ladakh exquisite — the arrangement and the scheme of colours in the mountains are just enchanting. Recently, I went on a trekking trip to Scotland with my school friends. The whole experience in those mountains was pure bliss.