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Pradeep Chona

Havmor Ice Cream's chairman on why table-tennis is a stress reliever

Published 8 years ago on Sep 02, 2016 2 minutes Read

‘Good to Great’ by Jim Collins is my favourite for its gripping narration, its insight on ambition and why certain companies have surpassed the rest. ‘The Key to Rebecca’ by Ken Follett is also a book that I resonate with personally. It is well written and a memorable read.

 Being an Amitabh Bachchan fan, movies like Silsila, Abhimaan, Deewar, Sholay and Paa would top my list of favourites for Bachchan’s versatile acting. In Hollywood, the Godfather trilogy with Argo and Zero Dark 30 are an interesting watch.

Table tennis is a unique indoor sport that keeps you active, requires deep concentration and relieves me from stress. I play it every weekend.

 I have experimented with most global cuisines, but I enjoy oriental food the most owing to a variety in flavour. The Indonesian classic, Nasi Goreng is one that I can’t get enough of. 

 The French Riviera, Cannes, Monte Carlo, St Tropez and Monaco are must-visit holiday destinations. The food, the people and their enthusiastic spirit make them stand out from other popular spots.