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Naveen Tewari

InMobi founder Naveen Tewari on why he's a fan of Ben Horowitz's writing

Published 7 years ago on Mar 12, 2017 1 minute Read

One of my friends recommended The Hard Thing About Hard Things by Ben Horowitz. Since then, it has been my go-to book. His advice on building and running a start-up is inspirational. With his practical wisdom and humour, his writing makes for a gripping read. I also like reading biographies and autobiographies. 

It has to be The Martian. It is a movie that depicts determination and teamwork, and is a must watch. The beauty of Matt Damon’s character lies in how he keeps calm even in the face of an adversity. 

I enjoy playing cricket. There are always some intriguing mind-games between the bowler and the batsman. I particularly like Dhoni's strategy on the field. He is calm and composed. 

I enjoy anything that is made at home. There is nothing like a flavoursome jeera-aloo meal or an simple plate of warm dal-chawal.

I travel to Goa very often. The salty breeze, serene beaches and the spicy Goan food is something that calls for frequent visits.