My Favourite

Naveen Surya

The ItzCash MD and Payment Council of India chairman is a virtual warrior

Published 8 years ago on Jun 03, 2016 3 minutes Read

 Inception is one of my favourite sci-fi thrillers. I like the idea of flirting with possibilities that sounds unrealistic at the first instance because they help you explore new horizons in life. One is left so bewildered at the end of the movie that one needs to go back to it again, which makes it a masterpiece.

 Literature helps one to view life with a fresher and a more positive perspective. Book of secrets by Osho is one of my favourite books as it gives a whole new perspective of how meditation can transform your true being. The depth of the content is immense as it beautifully explains the strong connect between the body and the soul.

 Chess is an absorbing game. I love how you keep reviewing the not so good moves even as you are making new ones. It is one sport where there is always a possibility to take your opponent by surprise and give a whole new twist to the game. Badminton and Game of War in the virtual domain are some of my other favourites.

 I thoroughly enjoy the Mexican cuisine as it implements a colonial style of cooking to transform some very basic and native ingredients like rice, corn and chilies to authentic dishes packed with flavour. They have an irresistible range of street food, of which tacos and burgers are my favourites. Moreover, their sauces are to die for.

 A citadel set high in the Andes Mountains in Peru, Machu Pichu is a world heritage site with beautiful temples, buildings and traditional architecture made of perfectly cut dry stone walls with such precision that they leave you awestruck. The mountain range has an aura itself and its scenic view infuses a sense of ecstasy, which one is left cherishing for a lifetime.