My Favourite

Kinjal Shah

Crossword's CEO talks about Steve Job's autobiography and more

I can watch Andaz Apna Apna and 3 Idiots any number of times. I like films like these two — ones that are fun and comical and entertaining.  

Steve Jobs’ autobiography by Walter Isaacson is a book I thoroughly enjoyed. It has been written in a way that best reflects his journey, highlighting all the positives and negatives. Another favourite is Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand, which is fantastic.  

I like travelling across Europe. Be it Switzerland or Germany, the climate, the people and their openness and the surrounding infrastructure never fail to fascinate me. I also enjoy London for its energy.  

I prefer drinking single malt whiskey with just a little bit of ice once a week. My favourite single malt would have to be Glenfiddich, for sure.  

Cricket will always be my favourite sport. You cannot ask an Indian that question and not expect that answer. I personally respect Rahul Dravid for the consistency that he has maintained through his career.