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Kausshal Dugarr

Founder and CEO of the company that is transforming chai into tea believes running is the best antidote for stress

Published 4 years ago on Mar 22, 2020 2 minutes Read
Deepak G Pawar

I love reading books about modern world history, biographies and human resilience. There are too many books that have made an impact, but if there is one book that I love reading countless times, it is The Class by Eric Segal.

Have you ever watched a movie and had an epiphany? When the movie ends you realise that the world would have been a completely different place had that not taken place. The movie 13 Days unraveled the story behind the Cuban missile crisis and how JFK successfully navigated the world out of the brink of the third world war. Those are the kind of movies I like to watch — real situations with a theatrical twist. 

When you run, it is just you and the road ahead, and perhaps, it is the best antidote for stress. It elevates you and takes you to another zone. I love to run and have completed two full marathons and multiple half-marathons. 

If I was asked, “What would you want for your last meal?” without a doubt, I would say, “Tabbouleh!” I love Mediterranean cuisine as it combines deliciousness with healthy eating.

While I do enjoy most kinds of tea, not chai, I would have to pick Castleton Moonlight White Tea. White teas bring an exquisite experience with flavourful notes and Castleton Moonlight White tea leaves a lingering taste of fruits and flowers in your mouth.