My Favourite

Ashish Puravankara

The MD of Puravankara is a Game of Thrones fan who also takes delight in watching mob flicks

Published 6 years ago on Sep 23, 2018 2 minutes Read
RA Chandroo

The Secret by Rhonda Byrne gives a good insight into how powerful the human mind is and what one can achieve. I also like Amancio Ortega’s biography The Man from Zara, an amazing story of how a big brand was built from scratch in one lifetime.

Cliched as it may sound, The Godfather is a gem. It’s amazing how Don Corleone as an underworld don upheld his family values and kept them together. Another mob flick that I like is Scarface. I also enjoy watching Game of Thrones.

My favourite dish is sashimi, something that I tried for the first time during my college days and have been in love with since. Growing up in Mangalore, I always had an affinity for seafood. A well-cut fish with the least amount of masala makes the perfect dish and Japanese cuisine fits the bill perfectly.

Côte d’Azur or the French Riviera is the place I love the most and have a lot of memories attached to. Away from the chaos of cities and the glitz of malls, I like to spend my time in the small towns and cafes of France.

I love playing tennis. I started playing when I was seven and competed in a lot of tournaments during school and college days. That’s one sport I still play every now and then whenever I get time.