My Favourite

Amit Pandey

The CEO of Avi Networks enjoys travelling with stories of nomads and getting lost in wild landscapes

Published 5 years ago on Nov 25, 2018 1 minute Read

Bruce Chatwin’s book The Songlines is my favourite read. I have read it several times. Also, since I love travelling and listening to a great story on my journey, Bruce Chatwin is a great traveller and storyteller. The book takes one through the life of nomads and for anyone who is a globetrotter, they would love to learn about different cultures that the book offers.

I love sci-fi and Apollo 13 is one movie I can watch time and again. In fact, this is even better than sci-fi! The courage and ingenuity of the crew are beyond belief! Sci-fi is my favourite genre and the fact that the events in the movie are real makes it even better to watch.

What is there not to like about the Mangalorean cuisine? It has wonderful flavours and is mostly seafood. I love spicy food, and fish pulimunchi with its tangy taste is my favourite.

I have visited South America a couple of times and it is my favourite destination. It has great food and beautiful varied landscapes which are still wild enough that one can get lost in them. For someone like me, who is a glutton and traveller, South America certainly tops the list!

I do mountain biking every weekend and it is my favourite way to burn calories and enjoy the natural beauty around while I am cycling. I often call myself an adrenaline junkie. I had also won the Himachal MTB challenge in 2010, under the 40-year plus category. It was an eight days off-road race with about 40,000 feet of climbing and about 500 km on road.