• specials 34 / Youth Inc.

    Design, wear, flaunt

    What enables Inkfruit to plug itself as India's largest co-created merchandising brand?

    January 04, 2014
  • strategy 4 / Feature

    Standing still

    The DB Realty management is focusing on project execution to make a comeback. Will it be enough?

    December 21, 2013
  • enterprise 3 / Big Idea

    The learning curve

    English Edge, an easy-to-use software by Liqvid eLearning, is helping young and old alike perfect their ABCs

    November 23, 2013
  • strategy 4 / Feature

    Chasing the light

    Ballast-maker NTL Electronics has ambitions in the LED lighting space. Does it have what it takes to succeed?

    October 26, 2013
  • specials 34 / Good Businesses 2013

    The best of both worlds

    At affordable prices, AyurVaid is treating the poor with its blend of ayurveda and allopathy practices

    August 31, 2013
  • enterprise 3 / Big Idea

    When wishes come true

    Akhilesh Pandya's lifestyle management service wants to make your worries disappear

    August 03, 2013
  • the big story 1 / Lead Story

    All style no substance

    Surging prices, rising inventory and falling sales do not bode well for the real estate market.

    July 20, 2013
  • strategy 4 / Feature

    Towering ambition

    How a no-land-bank strategy and premium positioning helped Oberoi Realty race ahead

    June 22, 2013
  • specials 34 / 30 Fastest

    Trial by fire

    The EPC specialist opted for prudence over aggression to grow, but a Prolonged slowdown will test its mettle

    May 25, 2013
  • enterprise 3 / Big Idea

    Jobs, just a referral away

    Online portal, Round One, gives candidate referrals a fresh twist

    May 11, 2013
  • strategy 4 / Feature

    Polished performance

    Kajaria Ceramics has managed to counter competition from the unorganised sector by moving up the value chain

    May 11, 2013
  • strategy 4 / Trend

    Small town blues

    Soaring real estate costs make companies rethink their expansion into tier 2 cities, for now

    April 27, 2013
  • specials 34 / The State of Business 2013

    Keeping up appearances

    Power and labour shortage, and crumbling infrastructure spoil the party for Ludhiana’s industrial units

    March 22, 2013
  • markets 5 / Feature

    Estimated time of debt departure: Unclear

    The uncertainties around its power and airport businesses have kept GVK from soaring

    March 02, 2013