Twice the backup

Apollo Munich's new TVC drives home its double-cover benefit

Life should go on, irrespective of the circumstances. And that’s exactly what Apollo Munich Health Insurance wants to convey through its new campaign. The Don’t Think Twice campaign is a new positioning for Optima Restore, a health insurance plan launched in 2012. Apollo Munich has rolled out two new commercials urging people to continue enjoying their lives without any worry.

Antony Jacob, CEO of Apollo Munich Health Insurance, says, “After meeting with an accident and busting one’s health insurance cover, a person need not worry about being exposed for the rest of the policy period.” Through the new campaign, Apollo Munich wants to create a compelling brand positioning that will help drive and sustain the company’s growth.

The campaign aims to explain health insurance succinctly and help people make the right choice on which policy to purchase for oneself and family. A documentary-style approach that the audience can relate to is used in the TVCs to communicate the benefits of Optima Restore.

Kundan Joshee, senior vice president, Cheil Worldwide, says that the ads have been designed to target potential male customers. “While most insurance brands invoke fear or bamboozle you, Apollo Munich has kept it real. The campaign idea came from a simple observation that things that cause damage to your health don’t really know or care about your financial situation. This is where the uniqueness of the product comes in, which no other brand can stake claim to.”