Take a chill pill

Work from home can be stressful. Let PharmEasy make one chore easier for you

If you manage to decode a doctor’s prescription, good luck on finding a pharmacy where you can get all the medicines mentioned in the list. You hop from one store to another only to find some tablets out-of-stock and some of incorrect dosage. It is this inconvenience that PharmEasy is trying to solve through its latest ad campaign.

“We wanted to encourage our audience to ‘Take It Easy’ and order their healthcare essentials online from PharmEasy. Thus, saving on their time, money and the needless stress of stepping out to get medicines,” says Saumil Parekh, VP-marketing at PharmEasy. 

Conceptualized by Leo Burnett, the three-film ad campaign revolves around the reality of people’s lives during the lockdown – washing heaps of utensils, finding a peaceful corner for work or getting things done around the house without external help. “Accentuating the humour in these situations was the initial idea,” says Vikram Pandey, national creative director, Leo Burnett.

As the protagonists struggle to deal with their circumstances – with one taking refuge inside a cupboard during work and another breaking down in front of a pile of dishes – a voiceover reminds the viewers of how the chore of ordering medicines online still remains easy, when everything else is going crazy. Characteristic of every PharmEasy ad, the end is underlined by the iconic ‘Urvasi…Take it easy’ song to leave a smile on the viewer’s face. “In the context of COVID, most of the brands have taken a warm and fuzzy angle. But, we kept in line with PharmEasy’s humorous brand tone,” says Pandey.

The shoot was handled remotely with proper hygiene checks done on and off the sets, he adds. From scratch to the final product, the entire process took around a month and the campaign will be running throughout the IPL season. “The task was to use IPL as a platform to increase brand consideration and relevance for PharmEasy by highlighting benefits such as discount on medicines and 24-hour delivery in the e-pharmacy sector,” says Parekh.

Now, with one less thing to worry about, maybe you should get back to the kitchen sink and finish the dishes.