Starting anew

Dunkin’s donut cakes mark their entry with an off-beat commercial

India is a paradise for those with a sweet tooth and it is this huge market that Dunkin Donuts has been eyeing for a while. Its new commercial adds a dash of contemporary flavour by introducing donut cakes as an alternative to the celebratory mithai.

The ad shows how a small boy strongly attached to his mother finds it difficult to accept his stepmother, after his mother’s death. Brijesh Jacob, joint managing director, 22feet Tribal Worldwide says that the tagline ‘Nayi Shuruaat, Nayi Mithaas’ marks new beginnings of many things in the commercial.

“While it symbolises the introduction of donut cakes as a new format of donuts, it also symbolises the acceptance of new relationships among people,” says Jacob. “Indians still do not consider donut as a sweet. It is an attempt to get Indians to adapt to this delicacy,” adds Jacob.

Talking about the campaign, Prashant Sarwade, marketing head, Dunkin Donuts India says that people consider trying something new only when they are triggered emotionally or when they find something relatable. “Although people know about donuts, the objective was to get consumers to see donuts as mithaas and try it as a snack,” he says. Currently these donut cakes are available only in Delhi NCR.

 “The mithaas in the tagline not only denotes the inherent sweetness of the donut but is a metaphor to denote the pleasantness that gets shared,” says Sarwade. Targeted at young urban families; the commercial calls for celebrating every event with mithaas.

Take a look at the Dunkin' Donuts commercial here