Delight In Detail

DHL marks its presence with its football trivia commercials

While we all are familiar with what happens on the field during a football match, have you ever wondered as to what happens on the other side of the screen? What would the conversations be like? International express carrier service DHL, has released a series of such ads about the possible conversations in households during a football match.

As the country savors the ongoing Indian Super League, it happens to be the perfect time to target football lovers. With the tagline, “We know great is in the detail”, DHL brings out unknown facts of the sport through a casual conversation amongst friends. 

In one of these ads, three friends are seen debating on which delicacy should be the official football food in the world, depending on the country, which has won most matches, or the country, which has hosted most football matches. While they are debating if it has to be Mexico or Italy, one among them says that it should be Chow Mein, since the sport originated in China.

“We tried to stay close to what would be the closest thing for a football audience. With this thought, we tried out different takes on the tagline. This has been brought out with a simple setting and subtle humour,” says RS Subramanian, senior vice president and managing director, DHL Express India.

Amit Chandra, managing director, Williams Lea Tag, which has conceptualised the advertisement, says that the aim of the company was to create a refreshing, memorable customer-connect campaign that would resonate with a younger audience, and leverage DHL’s global communication tagline: “We know great is in the detail”.

“The ad has been shaped around DHL’s ability to achieve success through its devotion to detail. The company wanted to emphasise that it is these little details that come together to bring the moment alive,” says Chandra.

Find this DHL commercial here