A Healthy Twist

 Nutralite promises you a good morning everyday in its latest TVC

Breakfast is considered to be the most important meal of the day. So, as you strive you to make it a healthy meal, can you balance healthy with tasty? Nutralite plays on this idea in its latest advertising campaign - 'Khane mein twist' for its new range of flavoured butter — Garlic & Oregano and Pudina & Coriander. Starring its long-time ambassador Sanjeev Kapoor, the ad film begins with office goers looking unhappy at the prospect of the same old regular slab of butter and bread. Like most of Nutralite’s previous campaigns, this one also has a funny take on something as simple as breakfast. Their target group is women between the age group of 25 to 45 years, who are keen on innovating regularly in the kitchen. “Consumers in India are very particular about the taste, however, now they are increasingly becoming conscious about its health aspects too.  Hence Indian women are always in dilemma, ‘What should I cook today?’ which is tasty as well as healthy,” says Tarun Arora, director and COO, Zydus Wellness.

In the past, Nutralite’s campaigns focus on how it is a healthier and tastier replacement for butter. With this campaign, its focus is entirely on these extra ingredients. The commercial has a simple message – the additional ingredients make food better and switch a frown to a smile. “We're a nation of food lovers. So much so that, food can make or spoil our moods, even more so when it’s the first meal of the day. With Nutralite being the happy common ground for both the foodie and the health conscious,” elaborates Rahul Mathew, national creative director, DDB Mudra Group. The campaign also focuses on Nutralite being used as a replacement for cooking oil, an aspect they haven’t touched upon previously.    

The campaign currently has enough social media presence, with regular videos and posts of various recipes using these new products. “To help these women make healthy and tasty food, we brought India’s most loved chef to host first ever live cooking series on Facebook, where he gave twists using the product to dishes suggested by users," states Chetan Asher, CEO, Tonic Media. So stop fretting over putting together a healthy breakfast mix early morning, when you can enjoy the benefits of good taste and a healthy option with Nutralite's new range.