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Dare To Dream With PhonePe Payment Gateway: Empowering Women Through Inclusivity

In today's world of entrepreneurship, women are boldly leaving their mark on the business landscape. Amidst this vibrant entrepreneurial spirit, PhonePe PG’s Dare To Dream campaign stands as a beacon, committed to recognizing the immense potential of entrepreneurs. Our mission is to empower them with the unwavering support and vital resources needed to transform their aspirations into realities. 

Published 4 months ago on Mar 28, 2024 4 minutes Read

Celebrating women entrepreneurs: Highlights from PhonePe PG Connect

PhonePe PG Connect celebrated entrepreneurs harnessing the power of technology. Dubbed "Dare to Dream: Breaking Barriers, Building Dreams," this gathering showcased the remarkable journeys of women-empowering enterprises tapping into entrepreneurship's transformative potential. Through the campaign, these pioneers were equipped with essential payment tools to flourish, scale up, and explore new horizons.

During the event, inspirational figures like Monalisha Manna, CEO of Earthaments, took center stage to share their remarkable journeys. She recounted her transition from an engineer to a self-made artisan, underlining the importance of resilience and adaptability in entrepreneurship.

Events like PhonePe PG Connect serve as invaluable platforms for women, offering knowledge and expertise and a sense of community & solidarity.

Join us on this journey as we celebrate six incredible businesses, each with a distinctive story of inspiration, success & resilience!

Empowering women waste pickers: Anish Malpani’s vision for sustainable fashion & social change

Anish Malpani, the visionary behind WITHOUT and a Shark Tank-certified entrepreneur, is on a mission to transform the way we perceive waste in today’s times! With a keen eye for innovation and a heart for social impact, his organisation creates stylish daily-wear products from plastics previously deemed impossible to recycle.

However, WITHOUT’s mission extends far beyond crafting sunglasses; it’s about empowering the unsung heroes of waste management - the waste pickers! In a country where millions live in poverty and waste piles up unchecked, Anish’s vision for sustainable solutions offers hope for long-term change.

Anish says, “In India, there is approximately 50 million tons of untreated waste, and we have nearly 4 million waste pickers living in impoverished conditions. While sunglasses alone won't solve these immense challenges, they represent a proof of concept that we aim to scale up in larger projects. We have found PhonePe PG to be highly reliable as our payment partner, enabling us to extend the reach of our products to everyone.”

Nurturing wellness: The inspiring journey of Jyoti Sharma and MyCara/Femease

Jyoti Sharma, the driving force behind My Cara & Femease, is dedicated to empowering women and nurturing their well-being. Together with her team, she fosters a safe and inclusive environment that addresses women’s challenges and promotes physical health, mental well-being, and personal development.

MyCara stands out for its sustainable menstrual products, blending innovation with eco-consciousness for user comfort and planet preservation! Jyoti's advocacy extends beyond products, extending to women's leadership, mentorship, and equal access to resources. In her vision, a more equitable and prosperous future is within reach for all women.

Jyoti says, “In the realm of women's wellness, My Cara excels at blending sustainability and innovation to prioritize convenience. With convenience as our guiding principle, we have developed a line of sustainable menstrual products that prioritize both the planet and the user's comfort. I strongly advocate for promoting women's leadership, fostering mentorship, and ensuring equal access to resources for a more equitable and prosperous future. Recently, I attended an enlightening event hosted by PhonePe Payment Gateway, which provided invaluable insights on industry trends and innovations, empowering us to enhance My Cara's offerings.”

Weaving a sustainable future: Amita Deshpande’s inspiring story of recycling & reimagining

Once an IT engineer, Amita Deshpande now leads a remarkable initiative called reCharkha - The Ecosocial Tribe. Her mission is to tackle the pressing issue of waste management, with a keen focus on the challenging realm of non-biodegradable plastics.

reCharkha’s approach is innovative and impactful! Harnessing the traditional Indian charkha and handloom techniques, Deshpande’s team meticulously transforms waste plastic into exquisite handmade fabric. Beyond creating eco-friendly goods, the initiative stands as a beacon of empowerment for women in tribal and farming communities.

Amita says, “We craft beautiful products for conscious consumers as alternatives to conventional market purchases. To expand our reach, we needed a payment partner supporting various payment options to meet diverse customer needs. We value PhonePe Payment Gateway for streamlining online sales processes for businesses like ours.”

From law enforcement to inner peace: Anjali More’s path to wellness with Padmayoga

Leveraging her expertise to promote holistic wellness, former police officer, Anjali More embarked on a new journey! Equipped with a passion for yoga and a desire to uplift others, she established Padmayoga to guide individuals toward optimal health and well-being through the transformative power of yoga.

Anjali says, “Through yoga asanas, my goal is to promote transparency by nurturing self-awareness, emotional balance, and mindfulness—fostering open and honest relationships with oneself and others. Today, I have a community of women of all ages across the country who learn and benefit from Padmayoga.”

Fueling the future: Balvvardhak Foods’ quest to transform child nutrition

In 2021, Amruta Alwaris Sallunke, a mompreneur and biotechnologist, conceived and spearheaded Balvvardhak Foods with a strong belief in the importance of nutritious childhood meals. 

Alongside her all-women team, they prioritize authenticity and quality, crafting wholesome food akin to homemade goodness. Through their dedication to trust and transparency, they ensure that every batch is freshly prepared and delivered directly to consumers, fostering healthy habits from the very start.

She says, “Our dedication to trust extends to every aspect of our process. We make food in small batches and sell directly to consumers, ensuring that children receive the freshest nourishment. Together with PhonePe Payment Gateway, we aim to offer our customers the best service, while contributing to the health and happiness of children all over the country.”

In the vibrant tapestry of modern entrepreneurship, women are carving out their narratives of success and resilience. These inspiring tales of women-empowering businesses light up the path to upliftment and innovation. Through visionary leadership, sustainable solutions, and unwavering dedication, these trailblazers are rewriting the script of business as usual.