My Favourite

Vijai Kishan Radhakrishnan

Head, Fidelity Wealth, India and Regional Chair, Fidelity Investments India

Published 6 months ago on Feb 01, 2024 1 minute Read

Favourite Book

The Discovery of India by Jawaharlal Nehru was the first book I ever owned. I loved reading through India’s ancient history and culture. Over the years, several more books have made it to my bookshelf. However, my first one is special and will remain an all-time favourite.

Favourite Movie

Growing up, I watched several movies featuring Sir Norman Wisdom, thanks to my cousins who brought back VHS tape cassettes from the UK during vacations. I also enjoyed comedies like Early Bird. All of these will always be my favourites for their simplicity and the laughs they continue to evoke even today. 

Favourite Sport

As a young boy, I played a bit of badminton and continue to enjoy doing so. Also, like most of us in India, I am an ardent cricket fan. I love studying the game, observing players and appreciating their skill, being more fascinated by this rather than the actual outcome of matches. 

Favourite Cuisine

My favourite cuisine is that of the west coast of India. Be it the steamed puttu (a Kerala delicacy made of ground rice) with black chickpeas curry, saddya (a typical Kerala feast), thattu dosa (prepared from a mixture of rice and lentil fermented batter) or the soft set dosa with coconut chutney, I love the simplicity in our cuisine.

Favourite Holiday Destination 

While I have done my share of travel, I prefer the peace and quiet of familiar surroundings, especially being with my family. I tend to stick to locales that I have known all my life. I do envy the enthusiasm of those who travel the world. Maybe I will get to it once we become empty nesters.