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Modest All-rounder

Tracxn Technologies co-founder, Neha Singh, has combined her coding skills and business acumen to build an indispensable guide to India’s start-up ecosystem

Taking A Moonshot

Team Indus is a strong contender for shaping space tech in India  

Anurag Katriar

deGustibus Hospitality's director is a street-food aficionado 

Watch out for the disruptors - Part II

Some industries will get disrupted faster than others. Here’s a lowdown of who is at risk

Firewalling the vault

By launching a suite of mobile apps and embracing digitisation, big banks are ensuring they stay ahead of the pack

The Infosys founder on how the company learnt from multinationals and beat them at their own game

Small But Smart

Sedemac empowers the brain of small engines with strong algorithms to perform better   

The shape of things to come

While India's wealthy have done their bit for many years, philanthropy in the true sense is only taking form now

On Stands Now