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New growth model

Indian pharma majors are facing their toughest year yet in the US, with regulatory clampdown, hostile political environment and falling prices. Is reinvention the answer to their woes?

Published 4 years ago on Jul 26, 2019 16 minutes Read

It was September in 1952, and heavyweight boxer Rocky Marciano was facing Jersey Joe Walcott in the ring. This was a much anticipated fight with fans waiting to see how this young brawler would take on a skilled veteran. Walcott had dismissed his opponent, growling at a press meet, “If I don’t take him down, take my name off the record books.” The match was going in his favour too, the first 12 rounds, when Marciano was half-blinded, beat and bruised from the sharply placed jabs and the rain of punches. But the game turned in Round 13, when a well-timed right hook took down Walcott and Marciano claimed the title of the world champion that year.