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Women Of Worth 2015

Makeover queen
From being a naive teenaged hairstylist to B:Blunt's big boss, Adhuna Akhtar has trimmed all the obstacles along her path

Prerana Kapur

Powerhouse counsel

It took decades of hard work for Zia Mody to build India's foremost mergers and acquisitions advisory firm 

Laveena Iyer | NOV 05 , 2015

Herbal sultana

Natural beauty products are today par for the course, but for pioneer Shahnaz Husain the association is more than just skin-deep

Himanshu Kakkar | NOV 04 , 2015

Solution seeker

Zipdial co-founder Valerie Wagoner is on a mission to bridge the technology gap in emerging economies 

Laveena Iyer | NOV 04 , 2015

Ship-shape pioneer

Nine years into her marriage, Vandana Luthra brought her dream of starting a wellness centre to life, twenty-six years later, both she and her VLCC Centres are going strong 

Rachit Vats | NOV 04 , 2015

Eagle-eye financier

Serial entrepreneur and Portea Medical CEO Meena Ganesh on why spotting opportunities is as important as being in the right place at the right time

Mahithi Pillay | NOV 03 , 2015

Earthy optimist

Here's how a setback in her early days spurred Nina Lekhi to create one of India's most successful accessory brands, Baggit

Shilpa S Ranipeta | NOV 03 , 2015

Lone ranger

Earlier with ICICI Ventures and now with Multiples Alternate Asset Management, Renuka Ramnath has always taken the road less travelled 

Laveena Iyer | NOV 03 , 2015

Heritage evangelist

In her 45-year career, fashion designer Ritu Kumar has seamlessly combined her passion for history with her drive to save India's fabric tradition 

Himanshu Kakkar | NOV 03 , 2015

Successful seamstress

In the big competitive world of textiles, Sanjita Prasad has carved a niche for herself with Amaltas International — but not before winning the battle of the sexes

Meghna Maiti, Prerana Kapur | NOV 03 , 2015

Selfless benefactor

From Akanksha Foundation to Teach for India, Shaheen Mistri has given underprivileged kids a chance to reclaim their lives through education

Meghna Maiti, Prerana Kapur | NOV 03 , 2015

Young turk

Masaba Gupta on how her youth and unfamiliarity with entrepreneurship helped her learn vital lessons in setting up her own clothing brand 

Mahithi Pillay | NOV 02 , 2015

Self-taught fashionista

With no formal entrepreneurship exposure, Meena Bindra has managed to stitch up an apparels business from scratch

Rachit Vats | NOV 02 , 2015

Disruptive diva

At 31, Guneet Monga has emerged as India's youngest producer to taste success by not sticking to the conventional Bollywood formula

Sonia Mariam Thomas | OCT 30 , 2015

Cupcake princess

From a street corner cafe, Kainaz Messman has gone on to create one of Mumbai's most adored bakery and patisserie chain Theobroma

Prerana Kapur, Akanksha Kapoor | OCT 30 , 2015

Steely striver

Seedfund co-founder Bharati Jacob on why women don’t have to conform to the ‘loud and aggressive’ stereotype to succeed

Mahithi Pillay | OCT 27 , 2015

Girl next door

Reigning Bollywood queen Deepika Padukone on her journey to stardom and why she wants to remove the stigma attached to mental illness

Laveena Iyer | OCT 27 , 2015

Makeover queen

From being a naive teenaged hairstylist to B:Blunt's big boss, Adhuna Akhtar has trimmed all the obstacles along her path

Prerana Kapur | OCT 26 , 2015

Consummate juggler

Anita Kaul Basu balanced motherhood and her career to come up trumps with one of India's most successful TV production house, BIG Synergy

Rachit Vats | OCT 26 , 2015

The soap rani

Though she didn’t set out to be a queen bee, Ekta Kapoor overcame early setbacks to create the most prolific production house in the country

Sonia Mariam Thomas | OCT 26 , 2015

Fashion banker

After a two-decade-long investment banking stint, Falguni Nayar is enjoying the challenges that her beauty and wellness online start-up is throwing up

Meghna Maiti | OCT 26 , 2015

Grit and glory

From a choreographer to director and now as a producer, Farah Khan has played all roles to perfection. But the journey has been anything but easy

Sonia Mariam Thomas | OCT 26 , 2015

Offbeat chronicler

Tara Books’ founder Gita Wolf explains why the credit for the growth of her international publishing business goes to collective action

Mahithi Pillay | OCT 26 , 2015