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Where the rich are investing 2015

"The first leg of recovery will come from consumption rather than investments"
Insights from India's leading private wealth advisors at Outlook Business’ 4th annual roundtable, Upper Crest - Part 1

V Keshavdev

How they stack up

SEP 13 , 2017

How they invest

SEP 13 , 2017

How they spend it

SEP 13 , 2017

How they give away

SEP 13 , 2017

A Class Apart

The Smoke Company brings the joy of cigars to aficionados and novices alike

Shveta Bhagat | JAN 02 , 2016

The master and his malts

Brian Kinsman of Glenfiddich reveals the secret of the perfect blend 

Shveta Bhagat | JAN 01 , 2016

Rendezvous in Paris

Savour the gastronomical extravaganza from Paris

Marryam H Reshii | DEC 31 , 2015

Desi drama, global appeal

King of kitsch Manish Arora wows the world with his latest offering 

Nivi Shrivastava | DEC 30 , 2015

Parisian gems

Hemant Sagar and Didier Lecoanet on their new pret label, Genes

Priya Kumari Rana | DEC 29 , 2015

Ornate aura

Varun Bahl's Aurum is taking Delhi baaratis by storm with uniquely styled weddings 

Nivi Shrivastava | DEC 28 , 2015

The man with the midas watch

Get ready for the most exquisite collection of time pieces

Priya Kumari Rana | DEC 28 , 2015

Silver spoons

Renowned interior designer Adarsh Gill takes a shine to silverware and it shows in her decor style 

DEC 27 , 2015

The people's princess

Princess Diya Kumari of Jaipur on her efforts towards taking the dynasty and her society forward 

Priya Kumari Rana | DEC 25 , 2015

The value of collectibles

What the world of royal collectibles is all about

Priya Kumari Rana | DEC 24 , 2015

Ashwin C Dungrani

The owner of Atmanand Gems is unwilling to let someone else manage his wealth

NOV 30 , 2015

Dilip Chhabria

The founder of DC Design makes a strong case for investing in one's own business

NOV 26 , 2015

Rasesh B Kanakia

According to Kanakia Group's Rasesh Kanakia, there is no better business than commercial real estate

NOV 25 , 2015

GSK Velu

Trivitron Group's MD wants to leverage his expertise in healthcare to fund disruptive ideas in that space

NOV 24 , 2015

Mahesh Gupta

Kent RO Systems' chairman, Mahesh Gupta says it's important to believe in the business one is investing in

NOV 23 , 2015

Anand Deshpande

A substantial portion of the Persistent Systems' chairman's wealth will go to the DeAsra foundation

NOV 20 , 2015

Shekhar Bajaj

For the chairman of Bajaj Electricals, there is  no better bet than investing in his group companies

NOV 19 , 2015

Rashesh Shah

When investing in equities, a post-tax return of 14-15% is a must for the promoter of Edelweiss Financial Services

NOV 19 , 2015

Mahesh Savani

This diamond merchant switched from gems to real estate just in time

NOV 19 , 2015

Where the rich are investing

Here's a look at how India's ultra rich are deploying their wealth 

Kripa Mahalingam, Krishna Gopalan | NOV 18 , 2015