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Think Beyond, Stay Ahead

"In every organisation, you need Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh"
The billionaire banker on the need for creative destruction

N Mahalakshmi

"Miracles can happen when you break timelines"

India’s top banker on the importance of speed and technology 

V Keshavdev | NOV 25 , 2016

"My style has been to gain confidence by delivering good quality"

Sheer determination and an iron will powered the growth of an infrastructure giant from North India

Kandula Subramaniam | JUL 13 , 2015

"Staying the course is really the key to success"

Dream merchants can succeed only if their creativity is backed by a sound business proposition says Ronnie Screwvala

N Mahalakshmi | JUL 11 , 2015

"Nothing works against you but your own incompetence"

Ramesh Chauhan, chairman of Bisleri International on what it takes to create a new market and stay the course

Meenakshi Radhakrishnan-Swami | APR 27 , 2013

"In every organisation, you need Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh"

The billionaire banker on the need for creative destruction

N Mahalakshmi | FEB 16 , 2013

"It is not just about returns...what matters is credibility"

Investment banker Ashok Wadhwa emphasises that distance is essential to maintain objectivity

Krishna Gopalan | DEC 22 , 2012

"There has to be win and a little win at least, not win-lose"

India’s M & A queen Zia Mody on how she and her team catapulted their firm to the very top

N Mahalakshmi | DEC 08 , 2012

"Every problem or challenge can turn out to be an opportunity"

My life has had more than its share of lucky accidents, says Ashok Soota, recounting his career and learnings

Kripa Mahalingam | NOV 24 , 2012

"I always believe in recruiting people who are smarter than me"

The Infosys founder on how the company learnt from multinationals and beat them at their own game

Kripa Mahalingam | NOV 10 , 2012

"Think big and make allowances for mistakes"

The Adani group founder on taking the path less travelled in creating an infrastructure conglomerate

V Keshavdev | OCT 27 , 2012

"Keep questioning the business model all the time"

Biocon founder Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw traces her journey from brewmaster to biotech pioneer

Kripa Mahalingam | OCT 13 , 2012

"Self-reliance has always been my driving philosophy"

The Cipla chairman on how he and his team grew a Rs.50 lakh company to one that now does sales of over Rs.10,000 crore

Rajesh Padmashali | SEP 29 , 2012

"If you believe in something, have the courage to take it to completion"

The Piramal group head on how his values have helped him make bold business decisions

N Mahalakshmi | SEP 15 , 2012

"Only Trust And Confidence Will Help Achieve Your Goal"

GVK Group’s founder on his journey from joining the family business to setting up one of India’s leading infrastructure companies

N Mahalakshmi | AUG 18 , 2012

"Your vision has to become everyone's vision"

The head of the world’s largest forgings company recounts his journey to the top

V Keshavdev | AUG 04 , 2012

"A good seed is produced and does not happen by magic"

BR Barwale, on how he set up and grew the country’s premier hybrid seed-producing company, Mahyco

Rajesh Padmashali | JUL 21 , 2012

"The greatest charity in healthcare is making it affordable"

Narayana Health’s founder Devi Shetty on why Narayana Hrudayalaya adopted path-breaking practices from the very start

Rajesh Padmashali | JUN 23 , 2012

"Focus on relationships, not on transactions"

Shriram Group founder R Thyagarajan is driven by his philosophy of adding value to the community

Kripa Mahalingam | JUN 09 , 2012

"You should oversee, but not interfere"

HDFC’s chairman Deepak Parekh on the testing times faced and lessons learnt while building the country’s first mortgage-financing company

Rajesh Padmashali | MAY 12 , 2012

"Everything in a hospital needs to scale up, not just the building"

Dr. Prathap Reddy, the founder of Apollo Hospitals recounts how he achieved what he set out to

Rajesh Padmashali | APR 28 , 2012

"You need continuous introspection to improve"

Godrej Group chairman, Adi Godrej on how best management practices changed the group’s fortune

V Keshavdev | APR 14 , 2012

Against All Odds

RH Patil setting up the NSE is a story of underestimation, opposition, serendipity and fortitude

Rajesh Padmashali | MAR 31 , 2012

"Its not the end of the world if an idea fails"

Cognizant vice-chairman Lakshmi Narayanan on the wisdom of leaving employees alone

Kripa Mahalingam | MAR 17 , 2012

"Have no fear of fear"

Pramod Bhasin on how challenging the status quo helped create a billion-dollar company

Rajesh Padmashali | MAR 03 , 2012