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My Best Pick 2017

Nothing to Add
Chetan Parikh of Jasmine India Fund shares some timeless wisdom for investors in the New Year

Chetan Parikh

Macro Demon

N Mahalakshmi | FEB 17 , 2017

The Cult of Investing or Investing in a Cult?

Shankar Sharma of First Global feels it’s time to cut out the noise and look for some real opportunities

Shankar Sharma | FEB 16 , 2017

Spot the winner

In a market that swung from extremes, the 13 stocks recommended for 2016 ended up displaying shocking to amazing returns

FEB 15 , 2017

Vijay Kedia

Karnataka Bank, given the change in the management's approach, will achieve its 2020 projections ahead of time 

FEB 14 , 2017

Ambareesh Baliga

The pact with oil marketing PSUs for 2G bio-ethanol projects is just the beginning of a new chapter for Praj Industries

FEB 13 , 2017

Saurabh Mukherjea

Asian Paints is a rare example of a large Indian company held by multiple promoters and yet run by a high-calibre, management team

FEB 10 , 2017

Manish Bhandari

Deepak Fertilisers stands to gain from its vertically integrated operations and leadership position in key specialty chemicals 

FEB 09 , 2017

Niraj Dalal

Sun Pharma has a robust pipeline in specialty business which will drive its profitability and free cash flow in the near future 

FEB 08 , 2017

Jigar Shah

Tata Motors' free cash flows should be significant after it completes JLR's capex cycle and unlocks value in some of its subsidiaries 

FEB 07 , 2017

Ajay Relan

RBL Bank is one such success story where a high-quality management team has created immense shareholder value 

FEB 06 , 2017

Gaurav A Parikh

There is a potential for non-linear profitability if Ruby Mills gets to develop its surplus land and increase occupancy at 'The Ruby' tower

FEB 03 , 2017

Gautam Trivedi

Indo Count caters to some of the best in the business such as Bed Bath & Beyond, Walmart, Kmart, Macy's, and House of Fraiser 

FEB 02 , 2017

Rajat Rajgarhia

HDFC is among the very few corporate groups in India to have created enormous wealth for investors across group companies

FEB 01 , 2017

Harendra Kumar

Wipro can narrow the growth gap with its peers quicker than many investors think as its energy and utilities business bounce back

JAN 31 , 2017

Nischal Maheshwari

The successful launch of Jio has reinforced the long-term prospects of RIL in creating a mega telecom business

JAN 30 , 2017

Daljeet Singh Kohli

The time has come for Shilpa Medicare to reap the benefits of the hard work done by its management over the past few years 

JAN 27 , 2017

Ekansh Mittal

Chaman Lal Setia, which has seen a sales CAGR of 17.5% in six years despite no capex, is the country's most efficient rice processor

JAN 26 , 2017

Kamlesh Kotak

Compared with its peers, Finolex has shown excellent execution capabilities by making its business model more capital efficient 

JAN 25 , 2017

Ajay Jaiswal

While some of the older brands in textiles have faded away, Raymond has managed to nurture its identity

JAN 25 , 2017

Vinod Sharma

MOIL towers over competition, thanks to the quality of its manganese ore which are sold at a premium

JAN 24 , 2017

Nothing to Add

Chetan Parikh of Jasmine India Fund shares some timeless wisdom for investors in the New Year

Chetan Parikh | JAN 23 , 2017