"Our study shows 60% of the entrepreneurs are heart-led as they are passionate

Richard Harrington, chairman, Cue Ball Group

Published 9 years ago on Feb 02, 2013 10 minutes Read

Prescience is a must-have for all top executives, more so for those in the technology business. Richard Harrington demonstrated it aplenty when he decided to consciously push Thomson Group away from the conglomerate that it was, to turn it into a digital information services provider. At that time much of its publishing division was steeped in print and the internet was still in its infancy. Harrington spent over 25 years with Thomson Corporation and by the time he retired as chief executive, Thomson was much more profitable despite operating with less than 10% of its original assets. He also oversaw the buyout of Reuters Group, to create the information services powerhouse that now operates as Thomson Reuters. Now that he is a venture capitalist and chairman of Cue Ball Group, one would expect his schedule to be less hectic. That clearly isn’t the case. He is not only busy advising fledgling companies that Cue Ball has funded; he is also a board member of many Fortune 500 companies. The recurring theme that comes through, as he answers our questions is “You better know where you are going and you got to have the right people”. It is to help other entrepreneurs get the latter right, that Harrington co-wrote Heart, Smarts, Guts & Luck, with Anthony Tjan and Tsun-Yan Hsieh.