India's Best Fund Managers 2018

Long-term Thinker

Betting on quality and structural themes is the key to Gautam Sinha Roy’s investing success

Soumik Kar

When you enter Gautam Sinha Roy’s cabin on the 10th floor of Motilal Oswal Tower, there is no buzz of CNBC or changing tickers on Bloomberg terminals. Roy prefers to stay away from the daily rumblings of the market and his traders track the prices of his stocks and alert him. He believes it is essential to stay away from the daily noise to have a long-term approach to investing and much of his success comes from exercising that discipline. With little over Rs.11,000 crore in assets under management (AUM), he is the top-performing fund manager in the 3-year category with return of 22.2%. Roy, who began managing MOSt Focused Multicap 35 Fund a little over four-and-a-half-years ago, has seen the fund’s AUM grow at 311% CAGR since the its launch. More recently in January 2015, he also started managing MOSt Focused Long Term Fund whose AUM stands at Rs.738 crore. 

Tech leaning
However, Roy didn’t always want to be a fund manager. It was the 90s and a career in the IT sector was the most sought after at that time. Roy, too, wanted to get a piece of that action. “I wanted to do something challenging and intellectually stimulating. I didn’t want to join a company that just rewrote mundane software. I wanted to work with a company that was at the forefront of emerging technologies. I dreamt of going to Silicon Valley,” Roy says. 

When Roy finished school, it was clear that getting into IIT would get him closer to his dream. However, that was not to be. Roy’s score in the entrance exam wasn’t enough to get him into IIT. So in 2001, Roy graduated in engineering from Jadavpur University in Calcutta. While the Silicon Valley dream had faded, a back-up plan was brewing. “I felt that finance was something that would interest me intellectually as much as monetarily.” Roy says. His father had retired by then, there was no earning member in his family and that did play its own role in Roy’s career choice. 

After acing the CAT entrance, he got admission offers from all the IIMs. Roy opted for IIM Calcutta, as it was known more for finance. The fact that


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