Secret Diary Of A CEO 2017

"When you think big, you have to think differently"

Secret Diary Of Rajan Anandan Part-2

Photograph by Vishal Koul

After 11 years at McKinsey, I decided to leave the firm. I didn’t want to die a consultant. I decided to join Dell because Michael Dell had this practice of hiring senior partners in consulting and turning them into operating leaders. He was the quintessential entrepreneur who managed to build a PC business out of his garage which then went on to become the world’s largest PC company. Just as the PC industry was maturing, he had the courage to take the company private and then go on to buy out EMC which was twice the size of Dell at that time. It was remarkable! I learnt the power of focusing on a few things, how to execute at scale, attention to detail and never give up despite challenges from Michael Dell. After being in the consumer PC business, it is not easy to go out and build an enterprise business. It takes about five to ten years to build such businesses but Michael had this tenacity to stick with it despite all odds.