"Failure is a crucial part of innovation, if you can't fail...

The pivot player from KPCB, which is Silicon Valley's most renowned venture capital firm 

Published 9 years ago on Feb 02, 2013 16 minutes Read
All photographs by Dawid Bilski

While you do find many venture capital firms cheek by jowl on Sand Hill Road, none has the heritage that Kleiner Perkins Caulfield & Byers does. Its Menlo Park office is a start-up shrine and the buzz at the front office is palpable. That is KPCB keeping up with the times is visible as we pass the parking lot after we are granted access to meet Randy Komisar, a Silicon Valley veteran. If the Energizer folks didn’t have their signature bunny, Komisar would have been a natural choice. It is a bright sunny day and Komisar prefers to get the photo shoot out of the way first. His joie de vivre is evident as he bounces around to the directions of our photographer and then voluntarily displays his own posing style. Once we get down to business, the hyper-energetic Komisar articulates ideas like a woodpecker diligently pecking wood. And yes, what left us wide-eyed in the parking lot was a brutishly muscular Fisker Karma. But lets just say that the $100,000 base price electric hybrid was there because KPCB is an early investor in Fisker Automotive and not due to any thriving partner in particular.