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The CEO of CAMS enjoys historical narratives by Dalrymple and the uncluttered charm of Goa  

Tennis happened to William Penn’s Nikhil Ranjan by chance, and today it helps him unwind like nothing else

By analysing athletes, Alex Hutchinson's Endure explains how to apply their tactics to bolster our performance

The bond bear market has begun, although not a dangerous one for bond investors

The financial system may be approaching a tipping point, so investing in 2018 warrants caution

Former Wall Street Man and financial journalist William Cohan narrates a detailed account of events on the Street

For Godrej and Boyce’s Vijay Crishna, the move from the boardroom to the stage is always a seamless one

The reliance on historical models in an era of extraordinary monetary policy should suggest caution

Investors are now more addicted to the financial economy than to old-fashioned capitalism

Equity markets are priced for too much hope & high yield bond markets for too much growth

Be concerned about return of your money than the return on your money in 2017 & beyond

Yields will gradually rise, yet they will stay artificially low due to QE of foreign central banks

If the US 10-year yield moves higher than 2.60%, it will mark the beginning of a secular bear bond market

DHL marks its presence with its football trivia commercials

Global populism is the wave of the future, but it has taken a wrong turn in America

Glenfiddich's global brand ambassador, Struan Grant Ralph, on why drinking malt is the new swank

Central bankers have fostered a casino like atmosphere where savers are presented with a Hobson's Choice

Sooner rather than later, Yellen's smooth shot from the fairway will find the deep rough

Low interest rates may raise asset prices, but they destroy savings and liability based business models

Credit, which was once growth-enhancing, is now slowing down and becoming self-destructive, just like the dying sun

All forms of “carry” in financial markets are compressed, resulting in artificially high asset prices

With recovery still proving to be elusive, the US Fed has no option but to unleash another round of QE just to keep the economy afloat

Negative interest rates are real, but investors seem to think that they have a Zeno-like quality that will allow them to make money

Banking seems to be a damaged victim of write-offs and lower future margins

Global markets and individual economies are increasingly “addled” and distorted

Demographics may dominate investment returns for the next few decades