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Baobab Studios wants to redefine virtual reality through its unique and immersive way of storytelling

Real estate sees its higher ever PE inflow during the first half of 2017. What gives?

Indian marketers are seeing value in virtual and augmented reality-based initiatives

Battling with huge production costs, do reality shows really make for a reasonable bet for TV channels? 

Hyunyoung Choi compares the effectiveness of internet-based channels and online ads

CEO Satya Nadella talks about how augmented reality and artificial intelligence will transform life

Astro Teller, the head of X, which is working on some of Google’s most ambitious  projects, talks on what’s going on at the “moonshot” factory

Billion-dollar start-ups are riding on both borrowed money and time

Shane Parrish of Farnam Street on the art of reading, investing and multidisciplinary thinking

Simulanis uses augmented and virtual reality with gamification to make training fun for students and employees

GetVu is ushering in augmented reality to revolutionise the way warehouses and shop floors work

Hyperloop Transportation, through a collaborative effort wants to make travelling through high-speed tubes a reality

Build-Inn makes your eco-friendly house a reality

Meet the artists who transform the wedding of your dreams into reality

The ItzCash MD and Payment Council of India chairman is a virtual warrior

In the second part, Akash Prakash of Amansa Capital talks about capturing the gap between perception and reality

Endemol Shine India's Deepak Dhar attributes his decisiveness at work to his favourite sport Squash

After a long wait of several years, Chennai's Metro rail is now a reality 

Susan Thomas and Ajay Shah on their love for cats & reality hacking

Book extract from John Elliott’s Implosion: India’s Tryst With Reality

Organic T-shirt brand No Nasties is helping Vidarbha’s farmers by making fair trade clothing fun

Akhilesh Pandya's lifestyle management service wants to make your worries disappear

The first-generation banker believes the future of banking will be more virtual, more affluent and more non-urban

When a theatre enthusiast mixes his love for drama with technology, the result is a company like Knolskape

The issue focuses on how HUL has reinvented itself and how sustainable is its pace of growth

Ground-up reporting shows how industry and agriculture are bearing the brunt of government inaction and warped policies

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