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An excerpt from Walter Isaacson's The Innovators

Now local brick-and-mortar stores can get a tech-makeover with Bnext’s software

Does diamond return index provide superior risk-adjusted returns? Researchers find out

The world is not all arbitrary, but a designed system, and these rules of design cause change in how we live and work, believe Cliff Kuang and Robert Fabricant

SAP Labs India’s HR policies are not only women-friendly but also nurture a secure ecosystem for all its employees

A rare blend of diversified small-scale industrial user base and high criticality make Grauer & Weil an interesting bet

Kerala-based CGH Earth defied popular beliefs to carve a niche for itself in the eco-friendly tourism space

Green Sole’s eco-friendly footwear is helping the poor tread easier

Build-Inn makes your eco-friendly house a reality

A new crop of start-ups is helping you get your daily tea fix, reinventing the friendly neighbourhood chai tapri

The SME platform on the BSE is under a cloud after the recent Sebi order over suspect money laundering

The colourful Lego plastic bricks are set to get an eco-friendly makeover

Given the new prime minister's track record in Gujarat, investors are looking forward to a business-friendly regime

Earthware is using corn starch to create bioplastics that are environment-friendly

Organic apparel sounds fancy for sure but is yet to gain critical mass in India

The Azim Premji Foundation helps building teacher capabilities, especially in government-run schools in India

Bengaluru-based chain Chai Time is trying to bring the friendly, neighbourhood coffee shop experience to tea

Claridge briquette plant produces an energy-efficient and environment-friendly alternative