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Managing director of Dalton capital advisors expects vacation ownership major Mahindra holidays to rule the roost

The advertising mavericks' 20-year-old friendship perfectly balances quirk and business

Bengaluru’s Masai School promises you a Rs.50,000 a month package. If it fails, you don’t pay a thing

Borderlines blur when it comes to cricket fanaticism and Sony Sports conveys that in the most heartwarming way

What makes this Tata brand so endearing? You may think the answer is in the question but there’s much more going on behind the scenes

Astrome is eyeing the skies to provide high-speed internet to developing nations

Dalton Capital Advisors' UR Bhat recommends 'Coffee Can Investing' to investors facing a dilemma

Over time, consumers have found ways to ignore branding and to keep them interested, ads need to be relevant 

Following a massive rerating on the Street, most stocks are trading at four times their historic book value

Above normal monsoon forecast should aid rural demand

Sensex Return on Equity is currently at its lowest in 20 years, and there is little to suggest a quick rebound

In order to be effective, resolutions have to cause an internal change within you

Dalton Capital Advisor's UR Bhat reviews TN Ninan's The Turn Of The Tortoise 

The BSE IT index has gained 3% since the August sell-off, as against a 10% drop in the benchmark Sensex

The meltdown notwithstanding, experts are divided on which way the market is headed 

Will them momentum be sustained as the market has run ahead of realities in anticipation of a Modi-led government?

Stocks are surging on Modi fever. Is there disappointment in store?

Karnataka Bank is trying to accelerate organic growth but can it avoid being taken over?

Release all the energy locked up in the past into the present

In difficult times, it is best to accept and surrender

Thinking too much about a decision may complicate matters

Yashas cultivates freshwater pearls and exports the entire produce to France

Let go of unrealistic expectations. The journey is easier when you travel light

Fear isn’t necessarily a bad emotion, so don’t be afraid of it

Pay attention to your feelings. Otherwise, your body will force you to acknowledge them

Your emotional state is the key to untapped intellectual potential