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Robo-advisors are vehicles; don’t confuse them with financial nirvana

Rethink Robotics' founder Rodney Brooks believes that the best is yet to come for the robotics industry

Universal Music Group – India & South Asia MD and CEO is not easily stressed, but when he is, a long walk accompanied by music does the trick

Doctors can now preset a surgery, sit back and gently guide a robot to do the procedure, even remotely

Automation is marching into factory floors, making India Inc faster and smarter with each passing shift

The fourth industrial revolution will be led by AI and robotics

Kerala-based start-up Genrobotics has designed robots to clear manholes and drains, and municipalities are signing on as clients

TAL Manufacturing Solutions’ economical robots will help MSMEs embrace automation

How artificial intelligence just might replace you at your workplace

Eveready is diversifying into the highly competitive confectionery and FMCG segments. Will its gamble pay off?

Universal Music CEO's enviable wine and single malt whisky collection is bound to leave you in high spirits 

From assisting you with bank work to entertaining you at an event, Invento Tech's Mitra can be your true friend

Why Bandhan Bank believes its microfinance focus will help it succeed as a universal bank

Yale professor Paul Bloom questions the conventional notion of a universal emotion in 'Against Empathy'

Smart autonomous robots are Knightscope’s answer to the rising threat of violence and crime in the US  

It’s a change that is seeping in slowly. Will robots now Make in India?

MD of Universal Music Group, South Asia, Devraj Sanyal is a frontman for heavy metal band Brahma

Hosur is grappling with 14-16 hours of daily power outage, global slowdown and labour shortage

Three experts offer insights on changing aspirations among the youth and the imperative to sell to them

It’s becoming increasingly important for India Inc to understand the ideologies and compulsions of regional parties

With physical sales of CDs fading out, the Indian music industry knows it will have to diversify or perish. Tune in, then, to the new sounds of music

The shortage of power and labour is pinching large enterprises and killing small players in Tamil Nadu