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Arun Katiyar decodes The Social Organization

In the second part of a three-part interview, productivity expert David Allen says that more than time, people need to make space

An “anti-establishment” tweet, a blocked account, a trending hashtag:  the perfect recipe for a movement — of Indians leaving Twitter for Mastodon

Twitter emphasises the power of collective in its first ever campaign created for India

Gupshup’s chatbots help businesses converse with clients anytime, anywhere

Visit’s AI-driven chatbot is looking to change the way patients consult doctors

Almost all brands are getting on the content marketing bandwagon with pressure to add to the content deluge

Harvard professor Steven Pinker makes a case for progress in 'Enlightenment Now'

Nick Bilton reports on the rise and fall of the man, who ran a billion-dollar online drug empire 

Param has an alternative to the cumbersome process of hiring the right candidate

Pleasantries aside, Indo-US trade could experience strain when Trump pushes India to further open its market to US companies

Antonio Garcia Martinez presents an unobstructed view of the Bay Area in 'Chaos Monkeys'

Benchmark Capital's Peter Fenton expects a couple of breakout IPOs in the open source space

A graphical representation of the changing tech and media landscape in the US

Twitter wants to grow in India by going local. Will its strategy click?

Siemens' captures the diverse sounds across its various sites in this latest sound-only ad 

Adoro is your gateway to staying trendy

Zipdial co-founder Valerie Wagoner is on a mission to bridge the technology gap in emerging economies 

Social media giant Twitter's stock fell due to a disappointing earnings report leak

Saudi Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal talks to Outlook Business about falling crude, Arab Spring and PM Modi

According to this study, social media helps brands communicate with its customers directly and engage in conversations to serve them better

Start-ups that we believe represent the most innovative companies in the Valley today.

The billionaire professor who funded Google when it was a start-up

Young Indians still want their MTV, not just on television screens

Finding the perfect meal at a discount in your neighbourhood is now just an sms away